Zagorac Dejan

Dr. rer. nat. Dejan Zagorac has obtained his MSc degree in geology at University of Belgrade, Serbia in 2007. He has received his Phd degree in theoretical chemistry at University of Stuttgart,Germany in 2012. In the next 2013, he was post-doctoral fellow at Max Planck Institute for Solid State Research (MPI-FKF) in Stuttgart, Germany, and in the 2014 a post-doctoral fellow at Friedrich-Alexander-Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg (FAU) in Erlangen, Germany. Currently, he is the head of Laboratory for Theoretical Investigation of Materials, at the Department of Materials Science, Institute of Nuclear Science Vinca, Belgrade, Serbia. His topics of interests are: Chemistry, Computer and Information Science, Earth and Planetary Sciences, Materials Science, Mathematics, Nanotechnology and Nanomaterials, Physics and Technology.

Investigation of possible tilt systems in CaMnO3 perovskite using an ab initio approach
KPLOT A Program for Plotting and Analysing Crystal Structures, Version 9

KPLOT A Program for Plotting and Analysing Crystal Structures, Version 9

The program KPLOT is used to draw and analyse crystal structures. The approach of the program to
drawing structures is similar that of the program ORTEP. Meanwhile most tasks available with ORTEP
have been integrated. Version 9 has the new feature that two structures can be handled simultaneously.
The pictures created with the program can be treated as simplified “ball and stick” models. The balls are
drawn in projection as circles while the sticks which are supposed to symbolize bonds or indicate coordinations
of atoms are represented as simple lines or double lines (tubes).

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Overview of modern computational methods in the research of advanced materials from bulk crystals to nanoscale structures