NEUROCARD 2016 – The 8th International Symposium on Neurocardiology – The 7th International Symposium on Noninvasive Electrocardiology

NEUROCARD 2016 – The 8th International Symposium on Neurocardiology – The 7th International Symposium on Noninvasive Electrocardiology

Topics: Basic Neurocardiology, Electrocardiology and Telemedicine Syncope, Orthostatic intolerance Geneticall aspests in Neurocardiology, Biosignal processing and Artificial Intelligence, Myocardial dysfunction: cardiac-neural interactions, Cardiac sudden death: risk stratification, Cardiac arrhythmias and autonomic nervous system, Methabolic autonomic neuropathies, Oncocardiology, Autoimmune diseases: neuro-cardiological manifestations, Central mechanisms and heart, Blood pressure and neural mechanisms, Cardiac autonomic dysfunction and neurological diseases, Psychology and autonomic nervous system, Personalized medicine, Nano technology: new approach in medicine, Transcranial magnet stimulation, Sleep apnea, Nutrition, physical activity and brain-heart connection

About the Book

Prof. Dr. Branislav Milovanovic (1), Associate Prof. Dr. Cristian Podoleanu

1. University Clinical Center Bezanijska Kosa, Department of Cardiology, Neurocardiological laboratory

About the Author
Prof. Dr. Branislav Milovanovic

Professional address and telephone
University Clinical Center Bezanijska Kosa,Auto put b.b.
Department of Cardiology,Neurocardiological laboratory
11080 Zemun,Belgrade
Tel:+381 11 30 10 777
Tel Mob phone:+381 64 158 31 75


• Head of Neurocardiological laboratory,CHC B.Kosa
• Professor of Internal medicine and Cardiology,Medical faculty,University in Belgrade,Serbia
• Professor of Internal medicine,Alma Mater Europea,University in Salzburg,Austria,European Center Maribor,Slovenia
• Director of Internal Clinic University Clinical Center Bezanijska Kosa


• Postdoctoral training
• KreisKrankenhaus Ebersberg,Muenchen,Cardiology and Internal department
• Laboratory for nonlinear dinamic,Klinikum recht der Isar,Department of Cardiology,University of Muenchen,September 1996 and 1997
• Neurovascular Unit,St Mary`s Hospital,Imperial College,
• Institute for Neurology,UCL,London ( after getting of Wellcome Trust Grant);25.1.1999.-25.2.1999.
• RUSH University of Chicago,Department of Cardiology ,20.2.2000-20.3.2000.
• Department of Cardiology,Instituto Auxologico Italiano,University of Milano,Ospedale San Luca,September 2001
• Medical Licensure
• 1987.Doctor in medicine,(MD).University of Belgrade
• Residency
• From 19.4.1990to 20.5.1994.Specialists examination passed with an excellent grade at the school of medicine in Belgrade
• M.Sci.
• 1993:University of Belgrade
• Doctoral degrees
• 1994: Doctor of medical science,(PhD)

• Syncope
• All aspects of clinical investigation of autonomic nervous system in different diseases Noninvasive,electrocardiology,Chaos theory,Personalized medicine
• Nano medicine
• Placebo effect
• Neurocardiology