Complete Service in Publishing Proccess:

Scientific Services

  • Open access – After publishing with Open Access Model, scientific research is published online and made accessible to anyone with no restrictions and at no cost.
  • Scientific editing – At first, we offer Technicum Edited Books and Monographs that are reviewed by Peer review process which has been performed in cooperation with renowned editors.
  • Abstracting and indexing – An abstracting service is a service that provides abstracts of publications, on a subject or on a group of related subjects, usually based on subscription. This service is included in the open access option.

Non-Scientific Services

  • Prepress – We offer you a professional, market-oriented cover design and welcome your proposals. You can choose your individual cover image freely from an extensive image database and decide, on your own, which author portrait will be put on the book cover.
  • Proofreading – Ensure that your work is written in correct, scientific English. We handle the language editing and make sure that your book is correct and with no grammatical, spelling, and other common errors.
  • Printing on demand – is a printing technology and business process in which copies of a book (or other document) are not printed until an order has been received, allowing books to be printed singly, or in small number.


  • Our books get an ISBN and can thereby be identified and ordered through book stores worldwide.

Special offers and author`s discount

  • As an author you are eligible for a free printed copy of your book if you have published with the open access model (see more details ate special offers).

Long term data storage 

  • Our books are being stored permanently in a database and can be printed and shipped at any time. Print-On-Demand is a high quality, innovative and eco-friendly manufacturing method.
  • We provide long time data storage.

Promoting Science

We like to promote the idea of Science without time and space limits. For this reason, Technicum Scientific Publishing promote open access and open content model, and, therefore free access to scientific findings. With this approach, we support the exchange of research and teachings.

Promoting Ecology

Technicum Scientific Publishing is a company that is fully aware of the possible impact of publishing activity on the environment. Therefore, one of our business model is based essentially on the online books (open access), and another is based on Printing on Demand model. The Open Access model is one of the most enviromental friendly principles, since our books are permanently available worldwide in the on-line version, possible to download without printing, and without cost. In the case of the printing on demand method, it allows us a proper use of resources, printing according to the market’s needs, no stock keeping and, therefore, respecting the environment.

Fast, efficient and professional

With the use of the latest computer software and technologies, the publication process is the most simple and efficient for the authors. A dedicated team of professionals provides support to our authors during the different publication processes, and our expert editors will be pleased to help and assist you along the way.