Work Philosophy

Our work philosophy is based upon the open access model and we are dedicated to provide open-source content for many kinds of scientiest, students, professors and researches of natural sciences.

After publishing with Open Access Model, scientific research is published online and made accessible to anyone with no restrictions and no cost. Also, our work philosophy is based on full service for the authors, because we provide complete service in publishing proccess, starting from scientific services (scientific editing,abstracting and indexing) to non-scientific services (prepress, proofreading and printing on demand). In addition, our offer include individual services for authors and publishers. Due to this fact and to the fact that the informations are freely available, Open Access accelerates research and learning, as well as increasing visibility, usage and impact for our authors and their publications.

This publishing model also removes right and permission barriers, since we offer unrestricted use of all published material. We also feel that the ideas and expertise of our authors, editors and reviewers present an important contribution to the global science. Finally, Technicum Scientific Publishing offers a platform for our authors, in order to publish their work, keeping things as simple and efficient as possible.