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Have you ever visited a conference and felt bad because you haven`t had enough time to see all of those beautiful posters that were presented by other people?

Are you organizing a conference, and you do not know how and where to publish a book of abstracts? 

Are you a science student who has problem to find some old lecture notes? 

Have you used any great scientific software but cannot find a published manual? 

Have you written any high-quality scientific work, a thesis or a habilitation? Are you looking for an international publishing house that will promote your valuable work on the worldwide more

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Special Offer for Conferences

If you are organizing scientific or technological conference, this is a right offer for you. MAX is a special offer for conferences that include printing of Book of Abstracts, Conference Program and all administrative and propaganda material for conferences, seminars, congresses, workshops, presentations and other scientific and technological gatherings. The offer include total needs of the organizers e.g. production of personalized ID cards, certificates of participation, conference bags, pens, diploma, etc. In addition, we offer Open Access option for printed Books of Abstracts, Print on Demand option, etc. If you are interested in this special offer, please contact us with specifics and use the vaucher code: more