Mechanical properties of sintered hydroxylapatite (HAp)

Mechanical properties of sintered hydroxylapatite (HAp)
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Series: Posters
Genres: Chemistry, Earth and Planetary Sciences, Engineering, Materials Science, Medicine, Technology
Publisher: Technicum Scientific Publishing
Publication Year: 2015

Conference Title:The Third International Conference of Serbian Society for Ceramic Materials

Date and Places:Belgrade, Serbia, 15 - 17 June, 2015

About the Book

Miljana Mirkovic1, Anja Dosen1, Aleksandra Rosic2, Branko Matovic1

1. Institute of Nuclear Sciences Vinča, Materials Science Laboratory, Belgrade University, Belgrade, Serbia
2. Faculty of Mining and Geology, Department of mineralogy and crystallography, Belgrade University, Belgrade, Serbia

Keywords: hydroxylapatite (HAp), Mechanical properties, XRPD, SEM, calcium phosphates (CaP)

About the Author
Mirkovic Miljana

Vinča Institute of Nuclear Sciences
University of Belgrade