Technicum Scientific Publishing GbR, Stuttgart Germany

Technicum Scientific Publishing, Stuttgart Germany

Technicum Scientific Publishing GbR is an international publishing group located in Stuttgart, Germany, which provides high-quality academic publishing. Our work is focused on multidisciplinary book publishing within the fields of Science and Technology, basing upon open access model. Our basic idea is to give all researchers equal opportunities, in order to share ideas, develop their careers and to increase the impact of their work, as it issaid in our motto: “Science without time and space limits”.

Our customers and cooperates come from various academic communities: scientists, university professors, students and individual users of academic libraries. According to these factors, our company gives you a possibility of open access publishing. At first, we offer you Technicum Edited Books and Monographs that are reviewed by strict Peer review process which has been performed in cooperation with renowned editors.

Furthermore, we offer you Open access publishing of various kind of theses in Technicum Thesis Book format, which includes diploma or BsC theses, master or MsC theses, doctoral or PhD and post doctoral theses. Beside this offer which is the most popular between the students, there is an option which is popular both between students and professors, Technicum Lecture Notes. You can also be interested in our Technicum Books of Abstracts and Poster offers, which are made by engineering societies, technical organizations and industrial institutions.

In addition, Technicum Scientific Publishing GbR offers you printing by demand and printing by order, as key technologies for rapid and effective dissemination of knowledge to the world. We ensure the promotion of the works on the highest level, as our manuscripts are seriously selected , so your published work would be abstracted and indexed in great variety of Scientific databases.